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Who is this for?

Real Estate Agents

Commercial and residential realtors, we will help you close more deals and grow your network.


Commercial and residential mortgage brokers, make a commission on deals you would otherwise pass on.

Affiliate Marketers

Have a large audience of Real Estate Investors? LoanBase can find the right lender for them.


Financial Advisors, we can help your clients fund their investment properties to meet their financial goals.


Contractors and builders, we can help your clients get the right lender for their next project.

What are our partners saying?

LoanBase made the loan process super easy and my clients were very happy with results. LoanBase closed quickly and I got my commission right away. An absolute pleasure to work with the team. Can’t wait for the next deal!

Gal N
Contractor, California

Thanks to LoanBase, I’m getting an additional source of income from my existing customers. LoanBase helps my clients secure highly competitive rates on their short-term rental loans. They provide top-notch service and close quickly.

Eric L
Real Estate Agent, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Why refer business to LoanBase?

LoanBase prides itself on providing its customers the best loan program and rate possible. We do this by leveraging our nationwide network of banks and lenders.

How much will I earn?

Upon funding of the referred loan, LoanBase will pay you a $1,000 commission.

How will I know the status of the referred loan?

Check your dashboard anytime to see the status of your referred loan. We will also send you email updates throughout the process.

How do I receive my referral link?

Submit the form below and we will provide you access to your dashboard and your referral link.

How will I receive my payment?

Upload your banking information to your dashboard, and we will get your payment out quickly.

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