November 10, 2021


Industrial Real Estate

What is Industrial Real Estate? Industrial real estate consists of properties used to produce, store and distribute goods produced such as warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Non-Owner-Occupied Investment Property

What is a non-owner-occupied investment property? Non-owner-occupied means the owner of the investment property doesn’t live in one of the units nor uses it as

Special Purpose Property

What is a special purpose property? A special purpose property is a property that has limited options for use. A special use property may be

Raw Land

What are the types of raw land investments? Investors can buy raw land that will be used in the future for residential development, commercial development,


What does it mean to fix and flip real estate? The fix and flip strategy has grown exponentially since the 2008 global financial crisis. Investors

Single-Family Residential (SFR)

What is a single-family residential property? Single family residential properties are often referred to as an SFR property. Often the homes we live in. Why

Refinancing Real Estate Loans

What does it mean to refinance a real estate loan? Refinancing a real estate loan means you are replacing the current loan with a new

Mobile Park Loans

What are mobile park loans? The financing of mobile home parks using a commercial mortgage that is made up of numerous mobile home lots and

Modular Building Loans

What are modular buildings? Modular building is the combination of individual modules which are constructed in a controlled, off-site manufacturing complex and are combined into