Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Anchorage

A comprehensive analysis of recent commercial lending activities in Anchorage, AK reveals a dynamic financial landscape, underscored by the successful closure of 210 transactions within the preceding 90 days. These transactions encompass a diverse array of property types, including Condominiums, Triplexes, Apartments, Industrial properties, Mobile Homes, Offices, Parking Lots, Retail properties, Storage, Single-Family Residences (SFRs), and other commercial real estate.

Of note is the discernible interest of Alaska’s lenders in Condominiums and Triplexes, evidenced by the successful financing of 87 Condos and 17 Triplexes. Concurrently, Apartments, Industrial properties, and Mobile Homes feature prominently in the lending landscape.

The average deal size in Anchorage stands at a noteworthy $1.3 million, indicative of a broad spectrum of financing activities. Remarkably, the largest loan amount recorded during this period reached $118.5 million, secured for a Mobile Homes loan.

Credit Unions emerge as the foremost active lenders in Anchorage, distinguished by their provision of competitive rates and fees. With an average origination fee of 0.5%, Credit Unions lead in offering favorable terms for borrowers. Both Credit Unions and Community Banks consistently adhere to a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 65%, extending interest rates in the range of Treasury + 235-300 basis points. This commitment to conservative LTV ratios and transparent interest rates enhances the appeal of Credit Unions and Community Banks as dependable entities in Anchorage’s commercial lending sector.

The lending milieu in Anchorage reflects a balanced approach, encompassing a diversity of financed property types with a particular focus on residential properties. The commitment to providing competitive and transparent lending terms by Credit Unions and Community Banks contributes to the professionalism of Anchorage’s commercial real estate market.