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Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are also referred to as bridge financing, interim financing, swing loans, or gap financing. They’re a short-term financing tool that lets you borrow

Individual vs Entity

Real estate investors applying for a mortgage on a single property aren’t required to form a business entity when going through the bank. However, individual

Entity Types – Real Estate Guide

Real estate investors can benefit tremendously from the formation of a business entity such as an s-corporation, limited liability company, and special purpose entity.

Industrial Real Estate

What is Industrial Real Estate? Industrial real estate consists of properties used to produce, store and distribute goods produced such as warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Non-Owner-Occupied Investment Property

What is a non-owner-occupied investment property? Non-owner-occupied means the owner of the investment property doesn’t live in one of the units nor uses it as

Special Purpose Property

What is a special purpose property? A special purpose property is a property that has limited options for use. A special use property may be

Raw Land

What are the types of raw land investments? Investors can buy raw land that will be used in the future for residential development, commercial development,