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Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are also referred to as bridge financing, interim financing, swing loans, or gap financing. They’re a short-term financing tool that lets you borrow

Multifamily Bridge Loans

Multifamily bridge loans are a financial tool used by commercial property owners to bridge the gap between the time they purchase a property and the

Multifamily Construction Loan

If you’re like most developers, you might not have all the capital necessary to fund your multifamily construction project. That’s where multifamily construction loans come

Apartment Loans

What are Apartment Loans? Apartment loans are a type of multifamily loan created for the purpose of financing apartment buildings. They’re taken out by individual

Loan-to-After-Repair value

ARV is the estimated value of a property after being renovated and stabilized. This estimated value is higher than the purchase price as the investor

Individual vs Entity

Real estate investors applying for a mortgage on a single property aren’t required to form a business entity when going through the bank. However, individual

Entity Types – Real Estate Guide

Real estate investors can benefit tremendously from the formation of a business entity such as an s-corporation, limited liability company, and special purpose entity.