Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Omaha

In the bustling commercial landscape of Omaha, Nebraska, a comprehensive analysis of recent lending activities reveals a dynamic market. Over the past 90 days, a total of 600 loans were successfully closed, with an average loan amount of $1.9 million. The leading commercial lender in the area is First Interstate Bank, which closed an impressive 12 deals ranging from $299,972.00 to $12,000,000.00 during this period.

Local Omaha lenders are at the forefront, offering various loan types such as Construction, SBA, Lines of Credit, Permanent, and DSCR loans. The best interest rate available is a competitive 6.79%, and the origination fee stands at 0.75%.

Analyzing the diversified lending activities across different property types, the following insights emerge:

General Commercial: 4 deals, with the highest amount being $10,100,000.00
Single Family Residence: 66 deals, ranging from $50,000.00 to $6,000,000.00, reflecting widespread residential lending.
Educational: 1 deal, with a loan amount of $299,972.00
Multi-Family: 8 deals, with the highest loan amount of $11,925,000.00
Retail: 8 deals, with the largest transaction being $50,000,000.00
Office: 4 deals, with the highest loan amount of $500,000.00
Industrial: 3 deals, with the highest loan amount of $1,860,000.00
Hotel: 1 deal, with a substantial loan amount of $26,670,000.00
Residential Condo: 5 deals, with the highest amount of $185,000.00
Services: 2 deals, with the highest loan amount of $350,000.00
This comprehensive overview provides valuable insights into the vibrant commercial lending landscape in Omaha, Nebraska, showcasing the diverse array of properties and the active participation of local lenders.