Top 10 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Las Vegas

An examination of recent trends in the Las Vegas commercial lending sector highlights a strategic focus on various property types. Noteworthy transactions include 671 deals on Residential Investment properties, 193 on Land, 14 on Multifamily, 42 on Retail, and a combined 138 on Industrial and Office spaces. Among the prominent lenders leading this sector are US Bank, Kiavi Funding, and East West Bank, collectively closing 62 successful deals. The average loan amount for these key players stands at $575,000 for US Bank, $350,000 for Kiavi Funding, and $3.4 million for East West Bank, contributing to an overall average loan amount of $1.6 million for Las Vegas lenders.

Credit Unions and Community Banks emerge as the most active lending entities in Las Vegas, with Debt funds and Regional Banks also participating, albeit with slightly higher interest rates. In the last 90 days, the lowest available interest rate in Las Vegas is approximately 6.85% for a 5-year fixed product, underscoring the city’s dynamic real estate lending environment. Financial institutions in Las Vegas exhibit flexibility in catering to diverse commercial property financing needs, demonstrating a commitment to providing accessible and competitive solutions for businesses in the local real estate market.

While most lenders in Las Vegas offer a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 65-70%, Anchor Loans stands out by providing a higher LTV, reaching up to 80%. This signifies the lender’s commitment to offering more extensive financing options, contributing to the active and dynamic nature of the real estate lending landscape in Las Vegas.