Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Portland OR

In the vibrant commercial lending scene of Portland, Oregon, a meticulous review of the past 90 days reveals a bustling market marked by the successful closure of 661 loans. These transactions demonstrate a diverse financial landscape, with loan amounts ranging from $125,000.00 to an impressive $35,500,000.00, showcasing the city’s dynamic real estate sector. The highest loan amount was notably funded for a Multi-Family property, underlining the city’s commitment to diverse real estate development.

The property types securing financing reflect the multifaceted nature of Portland’s real estate market:

– Single Family Residence: 389 deals
– Residential Condo: 95 deals
– General Commercial: 40 deals
– Residential – Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex: 40 deals
– Vacant – Residential: 39 deals
– Multi-Family: 19 deals
– Industrial: 16 deals
– Vacant – Commercial: 8 deals
– Vacant: 5 deals
– Commercial Condo: 3 deals
– Agriculture: 2 deals
– Timberland: 2 deals
– Recreation: 1 deal
– Mobile Homes: 1 deal
– Vacant – Industrial: 1 deal

Leading the charge among Portland’s active commercial lenders are renowned institutions dedicated to fueling the city’s real estate growth:

1. JP Morgan Chase
2. US Bank
3. Umpqua Bank
4. CoreVest Finance
5. Banner Bank
6. Rain City Capital
7. Washington Trust Bank
8. Heritage Bank

These lenders play a crucial role in shaping the diverse landscape of Portland’s real estate market, offering a range of financing options with origination fees spanning from 0.5% to 2%. Notably, the Multifamily Rental product stands out with the lowest interest rate starting at 5.970%, reflecting a commitment to competitive terms in support of Portland’s vibrant real estate ecosystem.