Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Dallas

A comprehensive review of recent commercial lending activities in Dallas, TX, unveils a dynamic landscape marked by the successful closure of 1,031 loans within the past 90 days. These loans cover a broad spectrum, ranging from $25,000.00 to an impressive $398,000,000.00, with the highest loan amounts facilitated for Industrial Spaces. This diverse range underscores the thriving commercial real estate market in Dallas.

The predominant property types financed in Dallas exhibit significant diversity, including:

– Single Family Residence: 513 deals
– Industrial: 21 deals
– Services: 5 deals
– Retail: 31 deals
– Apartments: 51 deals
– General Commercial: 13 deals
– Vacant – Industrial: 9 deals
– Vacant – Commercial: 44 deals
– Vacant – Residential: 98 deals
– Parking: 2 deals
– Office: 30 deals
– Vacant: 5 deals
– Misc: 4 deals
– Residential Condo: 160 deals
– Hospital: 1 deal
– Medical Services: 3 deals
– Residential – Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex: 36 deals
– Agriculture: 1 deal
– Educational: 2 deals
– Mobile Homes: 2 deals

Dallas stands out as a major hub for commercial lending, attracting nationwide leaders who have actively participated in financing various property types. Prominent institutions taking the lead in Dallas’s commercial lending landscape include:

– United Wholesale Mortgage
– The Goldman Sachs Group Inc
– Prosperity Bank
– Bank of America
– Independent Financial
– JP Morgan Chase
– Cadence Bank
– Kiavi Funding
– First Financial Bank
– Capital Fund 1, LLC

These lenders contribute significantly to the city’s economic growth by providing diverse funding options across a wide range of property types. The competitive lending environment in Dallas reflects the strength and resilience of its commercial real estate market. Prospective borrowers can explore attractive terms, with a variety of lenders offering financing solutions tailored to different needs.