Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Birmingham

A comprehensive examination of recent commercial lending activities in Birmingham, AL, highlights a robust economic landscape characterized by the successful closure of 303 deals within the preceding 90 days. The breakdown of these transactions encompasses a diverse array of property types, with notable figures such as 17 in Apartments and Mixed-use, 10 in General Commercial, 1 in Hotel, 6 in Industrial, 230 in Residential, 8 in Retail, and 21 in Land.

Prominent financial institutions, including regional, national, and community banks, are at the forefront of Birmingham’s commercial lending arena. In addition to traditional banks, debt funds actively participate in commercial real estate (CRE) financing, emphasizing Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans and offering a varied suite of short-term financing options such as Bridge, Fix&Flip, and New Construction/Ground-Up Construction.

The average loan amount in Birmingham stands at a noteworthy $20 million, indicative of a resilient financial environment. Notable transactions include lenders engaging in the active financing of luxury Residential Rentals and Portfolios ranging from $26 million up to an impressive $322 million.

Several major lenders maintain a substantial presence both nationally and within the Birmingham market. Key players such as Cadence Bank, Synovus Financial Corp., Morgan Stanley, Regions Bank, The Goldman Sachs Group Inc, and Lima One showcase their ability to extend loans of up to $400 million.

Regarding interest rates, the most competitive offering in the area emanates from a Community Bank, providing a 5-year fixed product at a favorable rate of 6.88%. This rate underscores the overall competitive landscape in Birmingham’s commercial lending sector, contributing to the city’s dynamic and professionally oriented real estate environment.