Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Greensboro

In the vibrant commercial lending scene of Greensboro, North Carolina, recent data reveals a flurry of activity, with 544 loans successfully closed within the past 90 days. These loans span a wide range of values, from modest sums like $15,888.00 for agricultural purposes to substantial amounts reaching $424,862,000.00, particularly for single-family residences.

A breakdown of the property types financed reflects the city’s diverse economic landscape:

Single Family Residence: 367 loans
Residential Condo: 30 loans
Retail: 13 loans
Office: 13 loans
Multi-Family: 8 loans
Misc: 2 loans
Mobile Homes: 1 loan
Industrial: 31 loans
Hotel: 4 loans
General Commercial: 29 loans
Government: 4 loans
Vacant: 8 loans
Vacant – Commercial: 1 loan
Hospital: 1 loan
Apartments: 29 loans
Agriculture: 2 loans

Leading the charge among Greensboro’s active commercial lenders are a mix of national, regional banks, and debt funds. Institutions such as Pinnacle Financial Partners, First National Bank (F.N.B. Corporation), First Citizens Bank, Truist Bank, Wells Fargo, Kiavi Funding, Bank of America, United Wholesale Mortgage, Dominion Financial Services, and RCN Capital have emerged as key players in the market.

These lenders cater to a diverse range of borrowers and property types, with an average loan amount of $4.5 million. Notably, DSCR rental loans are among the most sought-after financial products, reflecting the city’s robust real estate market and the demand for commercial financing solutions.