Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Raleigh

Top 15 commercial Real Estate Lenders In Raleigh

Amidst the bustling commercial lending landscape in Raleigh, NC, recent data unveils a dynamic picture of financial activities. Over the past 90 days, a total of 789 loans have been successfully funded, showcasing a range of transactions from modest sums to substantial investments, with financing spanning from $80,000.00 for an office space to a remarkable $380,600,000.00 for a retail property.

The breakdown of property types financed within this period reveals a diverse array of investments:
– Single Family Residence: 298
– Vacant: 234
– Miscellaneous: 112
– Residential Condo: 40
– Office: 32
– Residential – Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex: 15
– Industrial: 14
– Retail: 13
– Apartments: 8
– Services: 5
– Motels: 4
– Medical Services: 4
– Storage: 3
– Mobile Homes: 2
– Mixed Use: 2
– Educational: 1
– Vacant – Residential: 1
– Manufacturing: 1

The lending landscape in Raleigh is characterized by the active participation of local community banks, offering competitive rates and origination fees tailored to the needs of the region’s businesses.

Leading the commercial lending scene in Raleigh are prominent nationwide institutions, including First Citizens Bank, TowneBank, Fidelity Bank NC, First National Bank (F.N.B. Corporation), Truist Bank, Bank OZK, The Goldman Sachs Group Inc, First Bank NC, and Anchor Loans.

For those seeking bridge financing solutions, Goldman Sachs stands out with the lowest rates ranging from 7.83% to 8%, providing attractive options for investors and businesses alike.